List of Treatments

  • Smile designing
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth jewellery
  • Gum contouring
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Jaw corrections
  • Crown lengthening
  • Lava crowns
  • Thinners
  • Laminates
  • Tooth spacing

What does cosmetic dentistry involve?

As another facet of dental work, cosmetic dentistry makes a person look and feel better by altering the gum, teeth and the bite which improves confidence and the appearance.

Are there many options that can be chosen by people according to their personal needs and conditions?

Cosmetic dentistry options are many and can be utilized with or without adding dental materials.

What are the different types of cosmetic dentistry?

Along with different types of cosmetic dentistry options, there are dental specialties like Prosthodontics and Orthodontics that also include dental esthetics and cosmetics.

Are there cosmetic dentistry options that one can choose according to customized preferences?

In order to look good and feel good, patients who need cosmetic dentistry can choose dental work according to their needs with Whitening or tooth bleaching, Gum Lift, Bonding, Crowns, Enameloplasty or Tooth Reshaping or contouring or recontouring or odontoplasty or sculpting or slenderizing, Veneers, Bite Reclamation and Dental bridges with or without the addition of dental materials.

If teeth are discoloured, what are the solutions?

As a popular cosmetic procedure, dental bleaching or Tooth whitening brings back the brilliance to the teeth restoring the natural white colour. Though there are over-the-counter teeth whitening products, it is necessary to ask your dentist to recommend the best way to whiten your teeth.

What can be done for discolouration and gaps in the teeth?

Veneers are a quick way to whiten and cover gaps in the teeth. Made of very thin porcelain laminates, veneers are bonded to the teeth to camouflage teeth which are discoloured and close the gaps between them. Your dentist is the expert who can advise and render the necessary dental procedure.

If the teeth are chipped, which is the best cosmetic procedure that can be used?

Being done in just a single visit to the dentist, Bonding is a great way to repair a chipped tooth or teeth besides changing its colour. Lasting for many years, Bonding covers the surface of the tooth, fills in cavities that are small with the same colour of the tooth or teeth and is also used to fill in the gaps between the teeth.

Are cosmetic procedures used for teeth that are missing and how long do they last?

There is a cosmetic procedure called dental bridges or pontics that last over more than 10 years. This is also known as false teeth and these dental bridges are fused between adjacent missing crowns in the missing teeth areas. As compared to partial dentures, these fixed bridges cannot be removed. Stress-free areas in the mouth are fitted with cantilever bridges to replace missing teeth. It is very necessary to adhere to oral hygiene if the patient has dental bridges to prevent gum disease.

Is bite reclamation also a cosmetic procedure?

Yes, bite reclamation comes under the category of cosmetic procedures where the dentist realigns the bite which would improve and correct any disorders of the jaw which is also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ Disorder that is the result of a poor bite and which gets rid of TMJ problems. Using a comprehensive plan of treatment, your cosmetic dentist will recommend a full mouth reconstruction according to the patient’s needs as bite reclamation is caused by acid reflux, grinding of the teeth, wear and tear of previous years. Bite reclamation has its benefits as it clears up wrinkles giving the patient a more youthful look.

Can teeth which are crooked be reshaped?

With a cosmetic dentistry technique, teeth which are crooked, uneven in shape, chipped or overlapping can be reshaped with the procedure of dental contouring. Involving removal of a minimum amount of the tooth enamel which is the outer covering of the tooth or teeth, your cosmetic dentist can reshape the length and the surface of the tooth according to the patient’s needs and/or condition. A tooth coloured composite is used to improve the appearance as part of the bonding process along with dental contouring. This cosmetic dentistry treatment of sculpting, shaping and enhancing the bite boosts the confidence and the looks of the patient.

Can a cosmetic dentist correct a gummy smile?

Yes, correction of a gummy smile can be corrected by a cosmetic dentist with a method known as a gum lift. The gum lift enhances the teeth making it look symmetrical besides improving the appearance of the face with a more attractive smile. A gum lift as an aesthetic purpose is also known as crown-lengthening by sculpting and raising the gum line with the underlying tissues and bones being reshaped. This procedure also helps to treat gum disease.

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